Containers has been used today for a range of spaces, from houses to offices and even schools. And the reason for that? It’s affordable, modular, easy to build and environmentally friendly. Researching that subject I found a versatile system called Container City™, byUrban Space Management. I highly recomnmend you to check this out, is simply amazing the range of uses that can be applied to containers!

Like they say “containers are an extremely flexible method of construction, being both modular in shape, extremely strong structurally and readily available”. More than that, depending on how you can make your building, you could combine a wide variety of materials to even appear like a container, isn’t amazing?

This modular technology enables construction times and cost to be reduced by up to half that of traditional building techniques while remaining significantly more environmentally friendly.

Well, to show you just a little bit what we can do, and what kind of spaces we can built, check out these pictures and go to for more informantions.

Containers can be transformed into stylish modern homes that are expandable, and the space that you get is much the same as in many swanky developments. The Sunday Times

Funky, sustainable and cheap.Grand Designs

I got far more work done than I ever imagined. My cube was a brilliant space – it never occurred to me that I could work, let alone sleep, in a freight container!Cube resident Edward Kemp