Among the ASUS offerings at CES 2010 was the Waveface concept, a context-based vision of living life digitally … in the future (how near remains to be seen). For easy access to your cloud of important information, how about wearing it all on your wrist?


The three Waveface concept products that were presented included the Waveface Ultra, a wrist phone/computer that can be docked at home where messages and info from the wearable smartphone can be read on the dock’s screen. The OLED display can also be used flat, along the lines of a traditional smartphone.


The Waveface Light looks like a regular laptop, but …


…the lack of hinge and use of flexible material allows the Light to be used flat,

as a touch sensitive, single screen tablet.


The Waveface Casa is a widescreen display that functions as both entertainment centre and Internet portal – the Waveface home headquarters, if you will. When the Waveface is not in use, a flexible cover obscures most of the screen, leaving only “contextually relevant information” such as the time and date.