When: April 2, 2011


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Heartbeat Japan is a very special fund raiser to aid disaster recovery in Japan.

Sasaki, an artist who specializes in meaningful work from heartbeats, will produce a very unique artwork in the Materials & Applications’ courtyard.

In addition Dublab will bring the beats of a musical variety, Lagunitas brewery and Izze soda are providing drinks and best of all Chisai Catering Project has created a unique japanese / polish bento menu.

100% of donations will go directly to Architecture for Humanity.

HEARTBEAT JAPAN, A fundraising event to benefit – Architecture for Humanity, Japan.
This event will be held in 2th Aplil 2011 at M&A – material & applications, Los Angeles, USA.

CONNECT, 15-17th February, rooms22 – Yoyogi National Studium, Tokyo, Japan:   “People are being connected with one another through the heartbeats…”
This is a way that people from all over the world can purely feel their ‘living’. This is… to feel ‘heartbeat’.
262 participants’ heartbeats per minute are drawn here. This is an artwork of ripples that SASAKI feels the rhythm of a real time heart beating of the participants by putting a sensor on their fingertips. This HEARTBEAT DRAWING is a ‘connect’ with all the visitors’ proof of living.

Performance and installation, CONNECT, rooms22 – Yoyogi National Studium, Tokyo, Japan

“Heartbeat-Portraits in Chiyoda” 2010, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan:

Here are depicted the heartbeats of each participant, captured for 3 minutes, and then signed by themselves.
Many participants were graduates of this former school Rensei Junor High. These drawings, “Heartbeat-Portraits”, come to be “proof of living being” and a memory of the people who visited here.




Installation – HEARTBEAT-PORTRAITS in Chiyoda, March 2010 at 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan.
Video and Photograph: Naoki Ishizaka


Through a 6 day workshop Heartbeat-Sasaki continuously drew 3 minute “Heartbeat Portraits” of 139 participants.
1. A pulse monitor was attached to the finger of the participant, and the measured signal was output as audio in real time through a set of speakers, the sound and rhythm echoing throughout the space.
2. In response to this rhythm Sasaki drew the image of heartbeat waves for a period of 3 minutes. Participants were given the unique opportunity to experience the sound and rhythm of their own heartbeat while watching this depicted as a “Heartbeat Drawing” by Sasaki.
3. The participant then signed their own “Heartbeat Drawing”. Through this process the “Heartbeat Drawing” becomes proof of each person’s living being and come to form “Heartbeat-Portraits”.