About Me

I’m a graphic designer living in Houston. I began my career in 2001 as a freelance graphic designer under the name of GADO™. The first 3 years were mainly filled with print orientated work such as logos, stationary and brochures.

In 2004 after long consideration, I decided to go solo and soon after that, I founded Visual Noise™. Currently i’m involved in several proyects, both in Monterrey, MEX, McAllen, TX, Houston, TX & Birmingham, AL.

Since then I never looked back and I’m actively promoting the benefits of Graphic Deisgn through this personal journal.


We live and work in a transforming world, we are witnessing the end of the Industrial era. We recently entered the Information economy where the knowledge gave us power, since we have access to the information from anywhere and anytime, but now the things are changing again, we are entering very quickly to a new economy pushed by human creativity.

In a world interconected where the information flows at the speed of light, it’s hard to keep the competitive advantage without it being copied by our competitors.

If design and art have the potential of changing the world, by all means do they have the potential of changing the U.S. and create a better place to live. This shows how design has an impact on shaping the global economy, society and culture.


Going beyond the barriers that separate the different disciplines. Designing positive changes in strategies, human enviornments, communications, cultures and countries.

Transforming institutions through a process of change and with an innovation focus and creativity for customer satisfaction.


Universidad Regiomontana – Bachelors in Computer Science