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Artist Paulius Nosokas went out and bought a number of hand-held light fixtures in a variety of wattages and configurations: fluorescent, incandescent, large, small, flashlights, “to discover what might unexpectedly be revealed as my solitary performance with these fixtures was frozen in stop-motion image.”

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Lexus’s IS-F caught the imagination of the automotive world back at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor show when the idea of a high performance version of the IS saloon first appealed the industry. Four years on and a new performance thoroughbred has arrived has arrived for our consumption, the IS-F 2011.

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I know what you are thinking. It is devilishly hard to decide whether you should get a new yacht, or just get another super car. Right? A yacht is relaxing, but the car is fun. Isn’t there a way to do both?

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New design, brushed metal back, sliding keyboard, larger screen, contactless payments, etc … The more serious the most outrageous rumors about the iPhone 5 are already many and it becomes difficult to sort among all the brouhaha … In order to simplify the task and as I already did last year ( click HERE to view the article in question), I decided to synthesize all these rumors in the form a computer graphics, computer graphics and how!

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Among the ASUS offerings at CES 2010 was the Waveface concept, a context-based vision of living life digitally … in the future (how near remains to be seen). For easy access to your cloud of important information, how about wearing it all on your wrist? Read the rest of this entry »


LAS VEGAS — A host of video services on the web enable you to watch your favorite TV programs and movies anytime you wish, and Boxee is an open platform striving to weave them all into one neat interface. To get the Boxee experience onto a TV, D-Link has launched a set-top box dedicated to the open video platform, along with a special remote. Read the rest of this entry »


Ford’s pushing in-car gadgetry in a big, big way at the Consumer Electronics show, announcing a revamped dashboard that brings the intuitive nature of cellphones and MP3 players to automobiles. Ford says the tech will make its dashboards easier to use and improve the interface of its popular Sync infotainment system. Read the rest of this entry »

Finally in production after many moons of conception, Joey Roth’s Ceramic Speakers are here. As in ready for sale, and, at my door – he sent MoCo a pair for review. We asked a DJ friend to do the unboxing, plug them in and give us his opinion.


Stop caring about your virtual farm and start caring about real ones.

The sun always shines. Pink cows produce strawberry milk. Soybeans take two days to grow and ripen. Something is not right. It’s too clean. Nothing smells. Coffee bean grows next to squash. Millions of first-time farmers plant new crops every week. And—finally!—people pull out their wallets to support local agriculture. Welcome to Farmville.

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If you haven’t already seen this Evolution of Storage infographic, take a look. It’s beautiful and fun, and it has me thinking about the way we live.

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